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16. juni – 10. september 2023

Four graduation projects from The Academy of Fine Arts, Aarhus, by Mia Roar Damsted, Jette Sørensen, Dorthe Hedegaard Jacobsen and Helle Hee Degaardt.  The title has a geological reference to a mixture of heterogeneous elements found in a mass of fine particles.

The exhibited works all have their starting point in this definition and demonstrate various approaches to materials, form, and composition. Appreciating the qualities of the clay itself, the craftsmanship and our cultural heritage the ceramic works enter into a dialogue with our age. The exhibition shows sensual ceramic columns, jugs of aesthetic complexity, abstract and figurative tree stumps and not least, surreal calves without heads – all together the result of four years of keen studies. A snapshot which invites the visitor to sense what is the driving force of the four artists.


Photos: Ole Akhøj

  • Mia Roar Damsted. Værk fra serien 3+1=5. 2023
  • Jette Sørensen. Lyserød stor tud. Del af hanken og tuden. 2022
  • Dorthe Hedegaard. Lys brun trærod med bobler. 2023
  • Helle Hee Degaardt. Vitulus III. Detalje. 2023.