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Cathrine Raben Davidsen

26 January – 01 November 2020

Cathrine Raben Davidsen is interested in exploring the relationship between mankind, nature and the spiritual world. This preoccupation is expressed in her ceramic art that bear references to old witch bottles and prehistoric face mask urns that often played a spiritual role in the cult.

In TOTEM you can experience an installation consisting of ceramics, drawings, paintings, graphic arts, a handmade wallpaper and an animated film – all thematically addressing animistic spirituality and totemism.

TOTEM is a result of a two-year artistic collaboration with Royal Copenhagen, world famous for it’s blue and white, hand-painted porcelain and a company with a long-standing tradition of working with the finest artists of the time.

In a two-year period Cathrine Raben Davidsen has used the facilities at Royal Copenhagen and benefitted from the expertise in porcelain and stoneware production whilst experimenting with old glazes and new firing methods.