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The Magic of Ceramics


The exhibition The Magic of Ceramics presents a large selection of works from the CLAY Collection. For more than 250 years, Danish designers have explored, developed, and refined the ceramic expressions with skill and know-how, artistic ambitions, curiosity, and passion. Tirelessly, they have experimented with clay mixtures and glaze effects and unfolded their imagination and narrative enthusiasm.

The following seven themes: Design & Concept, Form, Ornament, Narratives, The Human Figure, Nature, and Glaze show the numerous expressions represented in the collection – across time, artistic schooling, techniques, and styles. In the middle of the exhibition, the technical and artisanal processes are shown. Right from digging up natural clay, via techniques of shaping, glazing and firing to the final expression of the ceramic object.

A fascinating process which demands know-how, skill, and respect for detail in the mastering of the wonderful magic of ceramics.


  • Gitte Jungersen, Kumme, 2003
    Erik Veistrup Samlingen
  • Nils Thorsson, Vase, ca. 1970
  • Ivan Weiss, Skål, 2002


  • Edith Sonne Bruun, Cylindrisk vase,
  • Lis Ehrenreich, Krukke, 2002
  • Bente Skjøttgaard, Cumulus, 2013
  • Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone,
    Vase med frøbid, ca. 1898-1900
  • Elisabeth Fritsch, Kande, 1973
Photos: Ole Akhøj