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13 April – 12 January 2020:

For generations potters have been creating some of our best and most beautiful earthenware and stoneware ceramics. A technically demanding craft deeply rooted in a long and proud tradition, visionary and attentive to contemporary trends.

Just a few decades ago Denmark had an abundance of small and medium-sized potteries scattered all over the country. Today, the large manufacturers have closed whereas small potteries experience a reawakened attention and boom.

This year The Danish Association Craft Potters celebrates its 125th anniversary, a spectacular anniversary which is marked by this exhibition.

The concept is simple. The members of the association are invited to contribute with their idea of a cup or a lunch plate. The function has been defined in advance, but the interpretation is up to each individual participant. In addition, 16 of the 80 members of the association have been chosen to show their impressive skills in major works.

Please Touch!
In this exhibition touching is permitted! To feel the curve of the jar, the surface of the glaze, and the marks of the potter’s hands. Try to hold the cups in your hands, touch the surface of the plate. Find out which structures and colours interoperate.

Ceramics appeal to the senses and by using our hands, the quality and the variable characteristics of this unique craft are far better experienced.

From time to time it will also be possible to watch the potter in action at the throwing wheel when they work in the pop-up workshop in the exhibition.

Pottery is magic!