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1 June – 29 September 2019

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the association Keramikkens Venner, CLAY has invited the members, all passionate collectors of ceramics, to select and show their favourites. The result is an exhibition of 54 works. Each of which is carrying its own specific story about why it became the collector’s favourite work of ceramic art. Is it due to a very special glaze, the precise shape, a family heritage or perhaps an acquaintance with the ceramicist who created it?


The personal works and their stories may introduce us to different ways of having an interest in ceramics. All through the stories runs a great love of ceramics – but love has many ways of expressing itself. Like everything else in life, some things are closer at heart than others. Things may bring back special memories and they may tell us something about who we are.


The association of Keramikkens Venner is a community of people from all over Denmark with a special interest in ceramic art. An association which throughout 25 years has strengthening and propagating the knowledge of ceramic art. CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art wishes to celebrate this large and diverse cooperative, The Association of Keramikkens Venner, with an exhibition which is the living proof of the diversity in the collectors’ selection of their favourites.