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New Nordic Porcelain

27 March – 21 August 2022

In this exhibition, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish ceramicists have embarked upon the Nordic porcelain tradition. The works in the exhibition have been created during the past three years by 13 artists in residences at Nordic porcelain factories and workshops.

The Nordic porcelain factories have flourished throughout the 20th century, but can we really talk about a common Nordic tone or expression? This question has been the starting point for the project, which stems from the New Nordic Porcelain Forum, an informal collaboration between exhibition venues, artists and others who are interested in the cultural heritage of the major Nordic porcelain industries. In recent decades, the trend has been that both design and production have been outsourced from the old, traditional factories.

During the residencies, the artists have dug into the stories associated with the various factories, their collections and production facilities and considered whether there is a common Nordic expression within porcelain production.

Denmark is represented by ceramicists Michael Geertsen, Anne Tophøj,
Ane Fabricius Christiansen and Mette Hannemann.

Norway is represented by ceramicists cera Irene Nordli, Heidi Bjørgan,
Andrea Scholze and Martin Woll Godal

Sweden is represented by ceramicists Ann-Britt Haglund and Karol Zarbock

Finland is represented by ceramicists Kirsi Kivivirta, Pauliina Pöllänen
and Veera Kulju.

AfterGlow – New Nordic Porcelain is, in fact, three different exhibitions. The two others are presented at Kunsthall Grenland in Norway and Gustavberg’s Porcelain Museum in Sweden. In connection to the project, a publication will be published with contributions from e.g., the American curator and historian Glenn Adamson and the Danish expert in Danish design history, art historian Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen.

Project managers/curators:
Bettina Køppe, Køppe Contemporary Objects & Catrine Danielsen, Kunsthall Grenland